• Mathew Slootsky



    At just 23, I proudly hold the position of CEO, steering the ship of Doran Creative. With a passion for innovation, a relentless drive, and the help of my mentors, I continuously set new goals for myself and my team, always expecting us to do our best. I strongly believe in the potential of young leadership and believe that age is no barrier to achieving exceptional heights in the business world.

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    Hi my name is Edgar and I am an Account Manager here at Doran Creative. I love what I do, specifically because the business has taught me so much about what it really means to lead from the front and be a great leader. I aspire to one day inspire others to take a leap of faith. When I complete the training I will retire my parents and teach others about the true meaning of leadership.

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    Hi, I'm Vicken, and I work as an Account Manager at 21 years old. This opportunity has been a huge boost for my personal growth journey. I really enjoy the mix of people I get to work with – everyone's got such unique perspectives and stories. I'm excited to keep improving in this job and in life overall. My goal? To provide a steady income for my family and eventually help them retire comfortably.

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